Dr. Xu Ding

Dr. Xu Ding



  • Ophthalmologist

Specialty: Ophthalmology

Language:Mandarin, English

Qualifications & Experiences:

  • Ophthalmologist, Chief Physician, M.D.
  • Graduated from Xuzhou Medical College in 1993
  • MD. from Peking Union Medical College in 2008
  • Over 20 years of experience in clinical practice
  • Has received medical training in ophthalmology at the Nebraska Medical Center in the United States
  • Proficient in the treatment of all common ophthalmic diseases from ocular surface to fundus
  • Currently working at Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, specializing in the treatment and prevention of retinal vascular disease, ophthalmic diseases related to high myopia, macular degeneration, etc
  • Has published more than 10 academic articles in sci journals
  • Accredited member of the Fundusculopathy Group Committee of Shanghai Medical Association
  • Member of the Shanghai Laser Society, the Chinese Society of Microcirculation Ocular Microcirculation Committee
  • Member of the Macular Disease Group of the Taiwan Cross-strait Medical Interchange Association

Days & Hours: By Appointment


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