Health Screening

Health Screening

Why Health Screening Matters?

Today we live a fast-paced life in a stressful environment and often do not have enough time to pay much attention to our health. Our family health history can also have an adverse impact on our health by predisposing us to silent killers such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancers. Therefore, health screening is a good practice for the early detection of diseases and conditions because some health conditions do not have symptoms at all and only possible way to find out that you are carrying a disease is a health screening.

GHC Health Screening program includes a detailed history review and in-depth consultation with the doctor prior to the screening. During a follow-up visit, the doctor will review the tests results in detail with the patient.

Health Screening Services at GHC includes:

  • Corporate / Individual Annual Health Screening
  • Pre-Employment Health Check
  • Various Occupational Health Checks

Strengths of our Program

  1. Comprehensive screening:Our health screening program covers all the significant areas of your health concerns with the flexibility to meet the needs of each patient.
  2. In-depth consultation:The doctor will spend time with you discussing your health and provide counseling regarding your specific health issues.
  3. All reports in your preferred language:We provide written and digital reports in your preferred language (English, Chinese or Japanese).
  4. Professional staff:Bilingual staff and overseas trained allied health professionals are available to answer any queries.
  5. Tailored Package for Groups:We offer tailored screening package to cater to groups’ requirement in terms of budget or exam items. Please contact our marketing department.
GHC Physical Screening Packages Premier Executive Standard Basic Well
Medical consultation and examination with doctor Medical and Health History V V V V V V
Lifestyle Risk Factors Screening& Counseling V V V V V V
Clinical Assessment by Doctor V V V V V V
Visual Test (incl. color blind screening) V V V V V V
Hearing Test V V V V V  
Body Fat Analysis  V V V V V V
Health Checkup Report V V V V V V
Report Explanation by Doctor V V V V V V
Heart Electrocardiogram (ECG) V V V V V  
Stress Test (Treadmill)  V V        
Echocardiogram (heart ultrasound scan) V          
Lung Lung Function Test (Spirometry) V V        
Diagnostic Imaging Chest X-Ray V V V V V  
Neck X ray - anteroposterior V V        
Neck X ray - lateral V V        
Breast Ultrasound Scan V V     V  
Abdominal Ultrasound Scan V V V   V  
Prostate Ultrasound Scan V V        
Gynecologic Ultrasound Scan V V     V  
Thyroid Ultrasound Scan V V        
Carotid Artery (neck) Ultrasound Scan V V        
Bone Density Scanning (DEXA) V V V      
MRI - one MRI plain scan, area to be selected by patient after discussion with the physician. V          
Blood Tests Hematology Complete Blood Count  V V V V V V
Vitamin Vitamin D V V V V V  
Kidney Function Urinalysis V V V V V V
Creatinine V V V   V  
BUN V V V   V  
Electrolytes Sodium V V V      
Potassium V V V      
Calcium V V V      
Phosphorus V V V      
Chloride V V V      
Bicarbonate V V V      
Liver Function Total Bilirubin V V V V V  
Direct Bilirubin V V V V V  
Alkaline Phosphatase V V V V V  
Total Protein V V V V V  
Albumin V V     V  
Thyroid Function TSH V V        
FT3 V V        
FT4 V V        
Lipid Panels Cholesterol V V V V V V
HDL Cholesterol V V V V V V
LDL Cholesterol V V V V V V
Triglycerides V V V V V V
Non-HDL Cholesterol V V V V V V
Diabetes Screening Fasting Blood Sugar V V V V V V
Gout Screening Uric Acid   V V V      
Hepatitis Screening Hepatitis A IgG   V V V V    
Hepatitis C Antibody   V          
Hepatitis B Antigen (HBsAg)   V V V      
Hepatitis B Antibody (Anti-HBs)   V V V      
Tumor marker Liver (AFP)   V V V V    
Colon (CEA)   V V V V    
Prostate (PSA) - for male only   V V V      
Breast (CA15-3) - for female only   V V V   V V
Pancreas (CA19-9)   V V V      
Ovary (CA125) - for female only   V V V   V V
Rheumatism Rheumatoid factor   V V V V    
Heart C Reactive Protein (Ultra-sensitive)   V          
Clinical Lab Stool Stool Routine V V V   V  
Occult Blood V V V   V  
Immunology Chlamydia         V  
Wet Mount         V V
Stomach Bacteria Screening H.pylori breath test V V V V V  
Women Pap Smear and HPV Testing (for female, Cervical Cancer Screening) V V V   V V
Breakfast V V V V V V
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