Executive Health Program


The GHC Executive Health Program includes a detailed history review and in-depth consultation with the doctor.  The physical examination (laboratory tests, cardiac/ diagnostics imaging studies), are all carried out within the clinic (one-stop.)  Next, during a follow-up visit, the doctor will review the tests results in detail with you. You will receive a written evaluation report and all laboratory results in your preferred language (English or Chinese.) 

Strengths of the Program 

1.    Comprehensive screening. The tailored program covers all the significant areas of your health concerns with the flexibility to meet the needs of each patient.


2.    In-depth consultation. The doctor will spend time with you discussing your health and provide counseling regarding your specific health issues.


3.    All reports in your preferred language. We provide written reports in English and/or Chinese.


4.    Professional staff. Bilingual staff and overseas trained allied health professionals are available to answer any queries.


5.    Personal service. The Corporate Health Officer will welcome and accompany you throughout the whole process. 

Health Assessment Options  package details
Under the GHC Executive Health Program, the following health assessment options are designed specifically for your needs: according to your age and different stages of your life.

Basic Examination, (New!)

This newly launched package is designed for those who are under age 30 with good physical conditions. The baseline tests and an in-depth doctor consultation will help evaluate the overall health level of the client, and thus detect possible hidden diseases and risk of diseases. The economical price also provides a wider range of choice for those who have no or limited insurance coverage for physical checkups.

Standard Examination, Ages 30-39

This evaluation is designed for individuals between the ages of 30-39. This one-day assessment offers health testing that includes a comprehensive physical examination, vision and hearing testing, electrocardiogram (ECG), chest X-Ray, complete laboratory work, pap smear for women, health and lifestyle counseling and a complete written report of all findings and recommendations. This evaluation is designed as part of a preventative health program.


Executive Examination, Ages 40-49

This evaluation is designed for individuals ages 40-49. In addition to the services described above, you will also receive a more comprehensive blood analysis, stress test, pulmonary function test, mammography (female), bone density scanning, ultrasound of abdomen. The Gold Evaluation is designed for clients who have symptoms or want a clear assessment of major areas of health such as heart, lungs, bones and liver.


Premier Examination, Ages 50 and Over

This evaluation is a comprehensive approach to health assessment. It is designed for individuals age 50 and over. This one-day assessment encompasses all of the services of the Gold Evaluation and also includes an echocardiogram, new cardiac risk markers, and selective cancer markers.


Men’s Health

This Evaluation is tailored specially for men who are above 50 years of age. This assessment will give the client a clear picture of overall health of heart, bones, prostrate and male hormone status e.g. testosterone. Exercise stress, DEXA, PSA (a marker for prostate tumor), and ultrasound of prostate are included.


Well Women’s Health

This program is for women who have a strong family history of women related illness and/or women who are 40 years old and above. The Examination includes DEXA, mammogram, pap smear, and menopausal hormone evaluation.


Cardiac Health

If you are concerned with heart diseases, Cardiac Health evaluation can best answer your concerns. Chesteol, new cardiac risk markers e.g. C-reactive protein and homocysteine are included.


Pre-employment Health Exam

This is to assist the employer in understanding the health status of the employee.


Pre-school Entry Health Exam

Your child will need a health certificate for admission to school. At GHC, we provide such services.


Appointment and Scheduling


Appointments can be scheduled from Monday to Sunday during clinic hours. Many couples also want to arrange simultaneous appointments. Please call us at (86 21)5298 6339 (PuXi)/ (86 21)6877 5093 (PuDong) or e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange the appointment. We would be pleased to make the necessary arrangements and provide confirmation materials.