Protect yourself and your family against Hepatitis B


take early precaution
with Hepatitis B vaccination



Hepatitis B Facts

l  a viral infection that attacks the liver and can cause both acute and chronic disease

l  the virus is transmitted through contact with the blood or other body fluids of an infected person

l  600,000 people die each year worldwide due to the consequences of Hepatitis B (World Health Organization)

l  an important occupational hazard for health workers

l  preventable with the currently available safe and effective vaccine


Who is at risk for Hepatitis B?


 Although anyone can get Hepatitis B, some people are at greater risk, such as those who:

l  reside in endemic areas (China)

l  are preschoolers or children

l  have sex with an infected person

l  have multiple sex partners

l  have a sexually transmitted disease

l  are men who have sexual contact with other men

l  inject drugs or share needles, syringes, or other drug equipment

l  live with a person who has chronic hepatitis

l  are infants born to infected mothers

l  are exposed to blood on the job

l  are hemodialysis patients

l  travel to countries with high rates of Hepatitis B


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Hepatitis B vaccine is available for all age groups to prevent HBV infection, and anyone who request Hepatitis B vaccination

Universal vaccination of children against Hepatitis B is currently recommended.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Schedule

1st Shot

as scheduled by doctor

2nd Shot

the 1st month since the 1st shot

3rd Shot

the 6th month since the 1st shot







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