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ECG Test for Heart Abnormalities


Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

      CVD is the number one killer in the world

      Risk of CVD increases with age

      Lifetime risk for CVD is 70% for individuals with multiple risk factors

      In China, CVD will double over the next 20 years due to aging, population growth, and middle-income nation in transition”

      CVD requires appropriate and timely primary and secondary prevention measures


Why do I need an ECG Test?                                        

An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is obtained to:

      check the heart's electrical activity

      find the cause of unexplained chest pain, which could be a heart attack or angina

      find the cause of symptoms of heart disease

      find out if the walls of the heart chambers are too thick (hypertrophied) in high blood pressure

      check the health of the heart when you have comorbid high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, diabetes, or a family history of early heart disease

      identify the presence or absence of an irregular heartbeat or rhythm. 

Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke 5 times

      screen routinely preparticipation athletes to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD)


How is an ECG (EKG) performed?

      Disposable ECG electrodes are attached to the body (extremities and chest) while the patient lies flat on a bed

      the test takes about two minutes and is painless

      a computerized report is generated and proofread by our U.S. Board Certified Cardiologist

If you have risk factors of CVD, contact our doctor to obtain an ECG


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