Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Our ENT Clinic provides comprehensive services to adults and children of all ages. We specialize in the treatment of common ear, nose, throat problems including infections, allergies, etc.

Common procedures children will encounter are:

·     Tonsillectomy

·     Tympanostomy Tubes (ear tubes)

·     Adenoidectomy

·     Tympanoplasty

·     Tonsillectomy

·     Otoplasty 

Usually our adult patients have been referred to the ENT department due to sudden onset of an unexplained illness. Cases which do not involve sudden onsets and are progressive, your primary care physician will refer you to the ENT physician.

Common procedures for adult patients are:

·     Rhinoplasty

·     Endoscopic sinus surgery

·     Ear/mastoid surgery

·     Voice surgery

·     Facial reconstruction

·     Snoring surgery

·     Otoplasty


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