International Heart Center

The International Heart Center at GHC is staffed with world-renowned cardiologists from the US, HongKong, and Shanghai Renji Hospital.

Our experienced cardiologists, nurses, allied health personnel and other clinicians are committed to working as an integrated cardiac specialty team to provide compassionate, patient-centered care, aligned with Global HealthCare's mission. The Heart Center offers a full range of diagnostic services and treatment modalities.

Onsite Cardiac Diagnostic Services:

·   Resting ECG

·   Exercise treadmill stress test

·   Echocardiogram

·   Stress Echocardiogram

·   Ambulatory (Holter) monitoring

·   Pulmonary function test

·   Carotid Doppler study

Special cardiac diagnostic services referred to Shanghai Renji Hospital or HongKong Heart Center:

·   Nuclear cardiology

·   Cardiac CT (64-slice)

·   Cardiac MRI

·   Cardiac PET

Special cardiac procedures:

·   Cardiac catheterization/ percutaneous coronary intervention

·   Valvuloplasty

·   Arrhythmias, pacemaker and AICD implant, catheter ablation

·   Cardiothoracic surgery

·   Peripheral vascular intervention

For emergency cardiac treatment, patients are hospitalized at Shanghai Renji Hopital or referred to HongKong Heart Center (Adventist Hospital).

Our Cardiologists:

Dr. Peter King, M.D., FACP, FCCP, FICA

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